The Tīeke (North Island saddleback) belongs to New Zealand’s unique wattle bird family, an ancient group which includes the endangered kokako and the extinct huia.

Tīeke were once widespread throughout New Zealand's mainland and island forests. Their decline began in the mid 19th century, caused by forest clearance and introduced predators such as ship rats, feral cats and stoats. By this century, Tīeke was close to extinction.

Early in 1964, the NZ Wildlife Service successfully transferred some North Island Tīeke from Hen Island, Hauraki Gulf to nearby Whatapuke Island. This was possibly the first time the translocation of a species had been successfully carried out.

The Tīeke has a conservation status of AT RISK- RECOVERING.

The Tīeke Golf Estate aims to provide support to the conservation of the beautiful Tīeke in conjunction with our conservation partner Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari.