Described by golfers as a truly unique riverbed masterpiece.

There is nothing like it in New Zealand.

Along the banks of the mighty Waikato River is New Zealand’s latest golf experience.

Welcome to the Tieke Golf experience.

Tieke Golf Estate was opened to visitors in 2022 and has quickly become one of New Zealand's most sought-after golf experiences.
Crafted out of sand from the original riverbed of NZ’s mightiest river. Tieke uses the natural river sand, fine fescue turf, creeping bent grass putting surfaces, and a sensational design to provide a wonderful golfing experience for all levels of golfer. Tieke provides a special blend of links and private valley golf, leaving a feeling that you are the only golfers on the course.

The intention is for the ground game to be considered where a well-played “bump and run” shot will be equally rewarded as a skilfully played lofted wedge. The style of golf akin to what’s played on a coastal links despite being more than 50 kms from the nearest beach. The visual appearance of the expansive sandy wastelands adds a striking and very distinct character to the course that is a nod to the whakapapa or history of the land.

Tieke Golf Estate Course



07 843 6287


07 843 6287