Tīeke Golf Estate is New Zealand’s newest and most accessible premium course. Set alongside the mighty Waikato River, Tīeke is a statement in progressive course design with incredible levels of consideration to the history, care and re-creation of the whenua (land).

The Tīeke routing designed by Brett Thomson & Phil Tataurangi has honoured the historic whenua that once sat beneath Lake Taupo. 

Over 20,000 yrs ago one of Aotearoa’s most violent eruptions took place causing the raging waters to change the course of the Waikato River. Left behind were broad terraces, deep valleys and sharp escarpments that formed the unique landscapes of the region. However, it’s the layers of ash, gravels, and sandy pumice deposited at the floor of the old riverbed that has provided the perfect grounds for golf. 

The new course is noticeably and thought provokingly different from the norm. Some old school principles, reminiscent of those from a bygone era of golf course architecture, have been employed to enhance the natural character of the land. Visually, a variety of design features have been carefully crafted and skillfully sculpted to grab one's attention. But it will be the bounce and roll of the ball from hole to hole that will keep golfers curious as to where to aim next. 

Golf is meant to be interesting, challenging and fun... we believe at Tīeke it is.

Play well and enjoy.